Wait! đź‘´ Now car key fobs come with LCD screens? Back in my time... Yeah, yeah, what is the world coming to. Now, onto the actual post.

Most key fobs are nothing to look at. They are plain with the essential buttons to unlock/lock the vehicle, pop the trunk, or sound the alarm.

These concept designs by @bat.not.bad show the possible future of our key fobs, with features such as:

  • Beautiful designs (Yes, we had to include this. Let's be honest, some key fobs are hideous *cough* BMW Mini, Audi, Saab)
  • LCD touch display information readouts (similar to how you see this on your car stereo)
  • Remote start and driving mode shift options
  • Raising your cars suspension & initiating parking assistance for self/autonomous parking

“The BMW i8 LCD touchscreen display key fob, features a handful of buttons that can be customized according to the user’s needs, making it a lot more handy than your regular key fob, although we can only imagine how troublesome and expensive it would be to lose or repair.”- Wonder World

PS: We don't have key fob covers for the concept designs, because they are well, fake. However, if you happen to have a BMW i8 (or are shopping for an owner), you can check out our silicone and leather covers.

What do you all think about these key fobs? Let us know in the comment section below.