Here are a couple of ways to add style and protect your Mercedes Benz Smart key fob (remote). 

These work perfectly, fit like a glove, and protect your key fob remote(s) without adding too much bulk/weight. Know a Mercedes Benz fan? These work  great as gifts!


Simple and stylish silicone. Slip these on and presto. Colors: black, red, blue, pink.

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Leather is elegant and makes carrying your keys a joy. Get this premium look and still retain the full function of your buttons. Use the added lobster clip keychain hook to attach it to your belt loop or purse, for easy carry.

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Choose from 6 bold colors. These work great and make your key fob fashionable and shiny. Our covers will protect your vehicle remote from weather and normal wear and tear. These also work great as a gift!

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Didn't see your key fob? We got you covered. Please check all accessories for Mercedes Benz & other brands.

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