Learn how to start your "push button start" car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, if you have a dead key battery. This also applies if you are seeing a "key error" message on your instrument panel. 

Note: This post WILL NOT help if your vehicle battery is dead. Check out our other blog post: How to Properly Jump Start a Car for this information.


You may have also noticed --- and this is important --- that you have to stand closer to your vehicle in order for the doors to lock/unlock using your remote fob. This symptom is the biggest indicator for a dead key fob battery! Now even if your Smart Key/fob battery is dead, this method in the video should easily help you start your vehicle and get you on your way. 


PS: The power door locks, trunk release, and any other features operated from the FOB/smart key will not work, and the key hidden inside the FOB/smart key will be required to manually unlock the vehicle doors and trunk. - Source

Steps To Follow

Step 1 - Get in the car: unlock the door by using your smart fobs built in mechanical key.
Step 2 - Start the car: Put the fob next to the start button and press.

Kudos to Mysimplefix