The purpose of this article is to help users where the buttons on your key fob (for your vehicle, burglar alarm, gate, garage door etc.) are accidentally pushed.
Before we jump into product recommendations, please also note that where your fob is stored will also affect if the buttons are accidentally pushed. If possible, keep your fob in your backpack/pocketbook instead of your pocket.
Most of the emails we have received have been due to fobs being stored in the pocket and get triggered when you sit, bend, move etc.


1.  Universal Pouch with Vinyl Window

You'll still be able to see and press your remote buttons through the vinyl window. The added vinyl layer should provide some extra friction so that the panic button is not accidentally pushed.
  • Easily see & press your remote buttons through the vinyl window
  • A simple alternative to protect your car, gate or home alarm/remote
  • The chance of lint, dirt or liquid getting caught inside the buttons is greatly reduced.

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2.   Universal Pouch with Lobster Hook

With this pouch, you will have to unzip to get access to the fob. Your burglar key fob wont accidentally fall out, as it can be secured by the built in keychain. The lobster hook makes it perfect to connect to your belt loop, backpack or purse.