There are times when the keyring loop on your key fob breaks. The damage happens frequently on fobs where the keyring loop is made of plastic.

Luckily, on newer keyfobs, the loop is made of metal, so the chance of type of damage is lessened.

Problem: Why does this happen?

  • physical trauma (e.g. drops)
  • general wear and tear, especially on the plastic housing (e.g. the repeated adding and removing keyrings/keys from your fob)

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Solution: Use a Remote Tote

Besides replacing your remotes shell/housing (check our previous article on this same topic) this is a permanent solution to re-attach a broken remote to your keychain. This saves you $100's of dollars in replacement/repair fees at the locksmith or dealer!


Our Remote Totes are made of genuine leather and will help reduce wear and tear damage on your key fob. Remote Totes are universal and come in a variety of colors. 



You will retain full access to your key's buttons while using the tote. It is a great idea to start using this before your remote breaks off the keychain!

Remote Totes come in variety of sizes to better fit your remote: 

  • Small - 2 3/4" Tall * 1 3/4" 
  • Medium - 3" Tall *1 3/4"
  • Large - 3 1/2" Tall *1 1/2"
  • Extra Large - 

Click here for printable sizing chart

What Remotes Does This Work With?

Remote Totes are designed to work with:

  • Smart keys (for push button start vehicle)
  • Key + Transponder/remote head keys
  • standard keys


Remote Totes are not designed to work with:

  • flip out/switchblade style keys

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Have questions? Please connect with us via email for a solution for your remote. Send us a picture of the front/back.