Mazda launched their new smart key in 2019. The new design sports a similar design to Volvo's current key fob for their lower trim levels.

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Pic showing the new Mazda key beside Volvo smart key


  • The new Mazda fob is much wider than the predecessor (about double the width) and the buttons are now on the side. 
  • There is still no remote start.
  • The key release button is at the base. The built in mechanical can be accessed by removing the back panel (video demo below).


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People are not loving the new design. Two commenters had the following to say:

"I was fine with the current smaller fob. Easy on the hands and the pockets! Mazda, please don't fix what's not really broken.... especially with a gigantor sized replacement like that..." -  Chombi
"Really glad I have the smaller one. It even fits in a jeans coin pocket." - BobMcT


Video Demo

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